Monday, 19 April 2010

Consumerism - The Big Idea

So my first day back in uni today (first day of the final term!) began with an introduction to our final project titled 'The Big Idea'. In groups, we discussed the word that we had chosen from a number of options given to us each by our tutors before Easter. My chosen word is 'Consumerism'. After the usual initial brainstorming I've found that this has proven to be a broad topic that could lead me to a huge range of outcomes. I've been researching into branding, advertising, globalization, the production of goods, theorists' work, anti-consumerism and the effects of consumerism mentally, physically, economically and ecologically. I've also been looking at Naomi Klein's 'No Logo' (a book that helped with my last project), and Celia Lury's 'Consumer Culture' to get some academic insight into my chosen word. With such a broad topic to work with I've got a lot of research to get on with before our presentations at the end of the week, so I'm glad I've chosen a word that I wont get bored with quickly. I hope...

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