Friday, 21 May 2010

Module Evaluation Sheets

As part of my 'Reflective Journal' I have cataloged all grading sheets/ audio feedback for all 3rd year modules. I have also included all tutorial sheets and student evaluation sheets for the corresponding modules, these have all been included within a PDF that displays these items as listed in the order below. Please click here to view this PDF.

Real World Module - 'The Link' Group Project
Real World Brief Notes
Written Module Feedback

Creative Meaning Module - 'Site Project'
Creative Module Tutorial Sheet 1
Creative Module Tutorial Sheet 2
Creative Module Tutorial Sheet 3
Research Presentation Student & Tutor Feedback
Student Module Feedback
As audio feedback was given for this project, please click here to access this file.

Competitions Module - 'Penguin & Puffin', 'D&AD' and 'YCN'
Penguin & Puffin Tutorial Sheet
Penguin & Puffin Student Feedback
D&AD Tutorial Sheet 1
D&AD Tutorial Sheet 2
D&AD Student Module Feedback
YCN Tutorial Sheet 1
YCN Tutorial Sheet 2
YCN Tutorial Sheet 3
YCN Student Module Feedback
Written Module Feedback

Student Set Project - 'Government Spending'
Research Presentation Student Feedback
Written Module Feedback

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