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Professional Practice Presentations and Content

As part of my 'Reflective Journal', I have documented all available presentations and handouts from our 3rd year 'Professional Practice' sessions. I have also included all personal notes that were taken during the sessions which I found would be helpful for future referencing. Please click here to view a PDF containing these personal notes.
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Colour Management for Print

Workshops led by Neil Angove that displayed how to successfully prepare documents and treat images for professional printing.

Ink Management Handout
Ink Management
Folding Options

Accessibility Presentation
A presentation led by Fran O'Hara enforcing the importance of accessibility throughout design.
Accessibility Presentation

Interview & Portfolio Workshop
This presentation was used by Fran O'Hara to demonstrate how to maximize your interview time with a potential employer. Accompanying handouts are included within this PDF.
Interview & Portfolio Presentation

CVs & Letters of Application
These PDFs were used within a workshop regarding creating CVs for the creative industry and advice about job searching, led by a member of UWIC's 'Career Development Services'.
CV Construction Kit Handout
Creative CVs Handout
Creative Job Search for Creative People Handout

Professional Skills Workshop
This PDF contains a document that was used in a session that addressed how to get a job and commissioning illustrators.

Costing a Graphic Design Job
These handouts were distributed within a professional practice session regarding financial issues with graphic design commissions, led by Olwen Moseley.
Getting Paid & Hourly Rates Handouts

Introduction to the Printing Process
A professional practice session that demonstrated an understanding of the printing process including: flexography, gravure, offset lithography, screen printing and digital printing. Below are this session's handouts produced by 'Du Pont Colour Concepts'.
Lithography Presentation
Gravure, Letterpress, Flexography & Screen Printing Presentation
Print Finishing Processes

Copyright FAQs
Below is a handout produced by 'D&AD' that accompanied a workshop to inform about copyright issues within the graphic design profession.
Copyright FAQs Handout

Business Start-Up Guide for Designers & Makers
This document by the 'Design Trust' was produced to offer advice on issues relating to graphic design within the professional field.
'Design Trust' Presentation

Print Processes
Led by Ian Weir, this presentation was used within a professional practice session regarding the professional printing process.
Print Processes Presentation

Giving Presentations
A presentation to accompany a workshop based on presentation techniques.
Presentation Techniques Presentation

Sustainability Booklet
This booklet was presented to us within a session based on the importance of sustainability within graphic design. This document contains content from London communications design agency thomasmathews design philosophy.
Sustainability Presentation

Professional Communication Workshops
Below are a series of handouts and presentations that accompanied various professional practice sessions relating on how to communicate ourselves professionally. Supported by Fran O'Hara.
Proofreading & Punctuation:
Proofreading Presentation
Proofreading Handout
Comparison of the Seven Sights Handout

Writing to Persuade:
Writing to Persuade Presentation
Writing to Persuade Handout

Concise Writing:
Concise Writing Handout
Rewriting & Editing Copy
Writing Process Display
Writing Process Handout
Editing Checklist Handout


E-Communication Handout
Task Handout
E-Communication Grammatical Errors Handout

Roles in the Creative Industries
A presentation led by Lou Cameron that highlighted various roles within the creative industries.
Roles in the Creative Industries Presentation

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